2.0 (Robot 2) is an Upcoming Indian movie. This movie is a science fiction type and drama mixed. Indian film director and writer S. Shankar written this film story. This movie producer by Subaskaran Allirajah. In 2010 Tamil film Enthiran was release. And it's gaining huge popularity. After this event, the film director decided to make a new film. And this movie name serves like 2.0 this name. 

Since 12 December 2015, this movie's official news published. Rajinikanth's provide this movies news on this birthday. This movie team works continue. But for some reason. they closed their work. As a result, this movie's full work held in a long time. Finally, this movie works continue. Let's Know about this movie full details. 

Firstly talking about this movie release date. Recently, Film producer updates a date officially. They announced this movie release date. This movie will release on 29 November 2018. This date is an official date to release this movie. We collect this date from Wikipedia. If have any doubt please check the Wikipedia page. And get more update official information. 

Robot 2.0 Movie trailer recently released on youtube. And this trailer get huge popularity within one day on social media! Already it crosses 15 million views. And it will increase more. Below we added this movie official trailer. Watch this movie trailer and get an idea. This movie Trailer Transcript.

00:17 Cell phones vanis
000:18 The public in a state of panic
00:20 Police department confused
00:40 We need a superpower to fight it
00:43 What do you suggest we do?
00:44 Chitti the Robot

2.0 Movie Casting:
There are some Indian superstars who work in this movie. Bollywood superstars Akshay Kumar act in this movie. And Rajinikanth also included in this movie. For more details to know. You can visit Wikipedia of this movie official facebook page.